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The Canadian Network for Rehabilitation and Exercise for Solid Organ Transplant Optimal Recovery (CAN-RESTORE) is an emerging network dedicated to achieving optimal well-being in transplant patients through exercise and rehabilitation. As part of the CNTRP, CAN-RESTORE makes use of national, interdisciplinary collaboration, research expertise and leadership in exercise and rehabilitation. This allows the network to gather the best available evidence, disseminate knowledge on exercise and rehabilitation and identify research priorities. 

Steering Committee

The CAN-RESTORE is overseen by a steering committee.  

Mission & Vision

CAN-RESTORE operates with the following mandate:

  • Vision: Healthy active living after transplantation
  • Mission: To achieve optimal health and well-being for transplant candidates and recipients through physical fitness and rehabilitation.
Strategic Plan

CAN-RESTORE will focus on 3 strategies from 2021-2023:

  1. Disseminate evidence-based knowledge on physical activity and exercise
  2. Build capacity in healthcare system for the delivery of exercise and physical activity programs for transplant candidates and recipients
  3. Empower transplant candidates and recipients to be physically active and to access existing exercise resources
5 year achievements of CAN-RESTORE

From 2013-2018, CAN-RESTORE has made strides towards increasing the research evidence for exercise in transplantation and disseminating knowledge to our stakeholders. See a summary of our achievements below –



In April 2013, a two-day meeting funded by a planning grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) was held to discuss research gaps in the area of exercise training and rehabilitation for solid organ transplant (SOT) candidates and recipients, to identify high impact research questions and to create a knowledge translation plan. Over the two-day period, more than 50 researchers, clinicians, administrators and patient representatives from Canada and the USA participated in a knowledge exchange through scientific presentations and facilitated discussions. Various research priorities were identified through the meeting including the need to develop a strategy for the dissemination of the best available evidence for exercise in SOT to patients & families and healthcare professionals. As a result of the meeting, the co-leaders (Drs. Sunita Mathur and Tania Janaudis-Ferreira) felt that they needed a strategic direction to move this research agenda forward and proposed the creation of a steering committee. Some meeting participants agreed to be members of this steering committee, which some months later would form the CAN-RESTORE.

Pediatric Sub-committee

The Paediatric Sub-Committee of CAN-RESTORE is comprised of an inter-professional group of health care professionals working with paediatric transplant recipients across Canada. As such, it’s mission and vision align with CAN-RESTORE. Members include health professionals from across Canada including BC Children’s Hospital, Alberta Children’s, Stollery Children’s Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children, Sainte Justine’s Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the IWK Health Centre. The specific focus of the Paediatric Subcommittee is to achieve the best health and developmental outcomes for children and adolescents before and after solid organ transplantation through physical fitness, developmental interventions and rehabilitation.  It will achieve this mission through resource sharing, development of practice guidelines and research activities with a national lens.

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